New Album by Pleasure Point

New album out now!
New album out now! Available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby

Release Party on 4th December, 2013 at The Realm, Hataitai, Wellington, NZ. 7-10pm.

Liner Notes

by Sir Anand Satyanand, former Governor General of New Zealand; Graham Kelly former parliamentarian – both keen members of the Wellington Jazz Club; and Norman Meehan, composer/pianist and Associate Professor at the New Zealand School of Music.

Norman: Jazz started happening regularly on Wednesday nights at The Realm in Hataitai in August 2005 and is still running today. In the early days the gig was a trio with Greg Crayford on drums and me on piano. Greg was the leader – he’d secured the gig, made the phone calls and paid for the beer – and he sensibly rotated performers, keeping audiences engaged. This meant the band – ‘Pleasure Point’ – became a loose collective involving quite a range of jazz musicians from around Wellington, and a few from out of town as well.

It’s a cool room to play in – there’s a fire burning in the winter and the kitchen takes good care of the musicians. Audiences are really positive, and it’s become one of those gigs that has just kept on going. The list of musicians who’ve played there is pretty impressive – some of Wellington’s finest, and every time I’ve been along to play or to listen it’s been fun. We actually rehearsed in the earliest days, but one of the cool things about this gig is that there isn’t really a set list – musicians play tunes they know and enjoy messing around with them. I don’t really know how jazz ‘used to be’, but if it was as much fun as we’ve had at The Realm I can see why the music keeps going.

Anand/Graham: The name ‘Crayford’ is synonymous with outstanding jazz – three generations of the family have composed, played, arranged and organised music for decades. Terry, the patriarch, heads this highly musical family. His sons are Greg, who is a talented drummer based in Wellington, and who organised and led the musicians on this recording, and Jonathan, an international jazz pianist presently living and performing in Europe. Then there’s Miles, the grandson, another outstanding jazz pianist, currently playing in Chile.

Each month Wellington Jazz Club members gather in large numbers at Chicago Bar to listen to fine music over a glass of wine, quality beer and great food. These well-attended events give credence to Wellington publicising itself as the ‘Coolest Little Capital in the World’. This particular Sunday was celebrating the excellent jazz Greg has provided at The Realm over the last eight years.

Since its launch in 1954, Bart Howard’s “Fly Me To The Moon” has been part of the repertoire of many jazz greats, including Sinatra, Mathis, Vaughan and Tormé. For audience members this tune will now be unforgettable for another reason. At precisely 5:09pm on Sunday, 21 July, 2013, while this concert was being recorded, Wellington singer Simon Jones had launched into his stylish rendition when a 6.6 earthquake struck, heaving , shaking and, sadly, bringing proceedings to a complete halt. Is this a world first? A live jazz recording interrupted by an earthquake?

A month later the rerun was held, with music, instruments and equipment recovered, and again the room was packed with fans. This CD is the result – with a title picked to recall the original event, named after the Meehan-penned opening tune.

As wave after wave of this eclectic mix of eighteen talented musicians’ music swept over an enthusiastic audience, it reinforced just how fortunate we are to be part of the best live jazz in New Zealand.
Enjoy Rattledog!



Greg Crayford – drums/concert director


Patrick Bleakley – double bass
Bruce Brown – vocals
James Cameron – double bass/vocals
Mike Costeloe – trumpet
Terry Crayford – piano/bass
Mark Donlon – piano
Rafael Ferrer Noel – percussion/vocals
Nick Granville – guitar
Simon Jones – vocals
Andrew London – guitar/vocals
Norman Meehan – piano
Nils Olsen – saxophones/vocals
Ann Pacey – vocals
Tessa Quayle – vocals
Anita Schwabe – piano
Michelle Scullion – flute
James Tait-Jamieson – saxophones
Nick Tipping – double bass

Thanks to:

Dick Le Fort – production/editing/mixing
Neil Maddaver – concert engineering
Russell Dear – photography
Joe Garlick – cover design
Steve Abrams – arrangements
Matt Mulholland – videography

Track Listing:

Rattledog! (Norman Meehan) 4 54
Alone Together (Arthur Schwartz) 7 35
Caravan (Duke Ellington) 4 52
Fly Me To The Moon (Bart Howard) 3 20
Comes Love (Sam Stept) 5 33
Sweet As (Andrew London) 2 23
Hard-Hearted Hannah (Milton Ager) 3 38
If I Should Lose You (Ralph Rainger) 4 42
Gimme Some of Dat Lovin’ (Anita Schwabe) 5 39
Sandu (Clifford Brown) 4 25
Little Sunflower (Freddie Hubbard) 5 45
When It Happens (James Cameron) 5 25
Baila Baila (Poncho Sanchez) 2 50
Maria Cervantes (Noro Morales) 6 53
The Double Up (Lee Morgan) 4 47
Guarare (Ray Barretto) 5 28


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  1. Hi there Rattledog. I was at the CJC performance back in 2014 and thoroughly enjoyed it. At that gig I bought a copy of the Rattledog CD which I have also been enjoying. I have been frustrated that the liner notes don’t link the instrumentalists or vocalists with specific tracks on the album.
    Is there any list you may have which does this and is it feasible to send it to me?
    Hoping you are able to help to enhance my enjoyment of this album.
    Cheers, Stuart Graham

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