Live At The Realm

Live At the Realm Liner Notes

by Dick Le Fort, Music Producer, March 2007.

CD PosterI really must get out more often – and not just to the city!

For over a decade I have lived with my partner, Frances, in the much-loved suburb of Hataitai. We had gone to the odd gig, but it wasn’t until last year when a friend working at The Realm said we should get down on a Wednesday night and check out the jazz at the restaurant. Jazz? Restaurant? And I thought The Realm was just a pub!

Well, we went, and we were hooked! Walking into the convivial atmosphere of The Realm’s restaurant we were greeted with the sounds of a tight rhythm section supporting guitarist Lance Su’a and trumpet player Vaughn Roberts. Over the following two weeks the conveyor belt of talent continued with harmonica player Neil Billington and singer Viva Sahn.

After months of taking in some of this country’s best jazz musicians I suggested to Greg Crayford, of Pleasure Point, that we really should do an album. Funding local projects is always an issue but I was lucky enough to get sponsorship and support from The Realm management who were right behind us from the start.

Over two nights we recorded some of The Realm’s most popular artists, including a couple of tracks from the three generations of Crayfords – Greg, his father, Terry, and son Miles. Unfortunately, we couldn’t include all the great artists who had played The Realm. After all, they had been showcasing the very best of local jazz for a couple of years. But who knows, there may be a second volume somewhere in the not too distant future.

For me this album is special. How we, as a community, can produce so many very talented artists is almost unbelievable, and, I have to say, Wellington jazz aficionados are blessed!

The is truly an album of which we can all be proud.


Greg Crayford – drums/concert director

Neil Billington – harmonica
Miles Crayford – piano
Terry Crayford – bass
Paul Henderson – double bass
Leigh Jackson – guitar
Johnny Lippiett – saxophone
Kirsten Mackenzie – piano
Carolina Moon – vocals
Nils Olsen – clarinet/vocals
Vaughn Roberts – trumpet
Anita van Dijk – piano

Produced by Dick Le Fort
Engineered by Andrew Weir
Mixed & Masterered by Dick Le Fort of The Music Production Company
Photography by Gwyn Rees and Dick Le Fort
Artwork & Design by Andrew Weir
Editing by Alicia Ponder

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